Write, rewrite, and shoot your visual stories in a summer film workshop


Yes we do admit, we all love stories. When was the last time you’ve written a good one much more be able to shoot it in video? What drove you to that point of creation? What inspired you? Who and what were the reasons why you wanted to have it on video? 

Answering these questions above may be nerve-wracking but don’t you worry. We all invite you to join us in two days of writing, shooting, editing, re-writing, critiquing and creating your own visual stories mentored by one of the most prolific writer/director of our times Mr. Emmanuel Dela Cruz. 

With his repertoire of movies either as its writer, director or producer he would soon visit Naga City again for another round of lectures and workshops. Join us as we take the stories out of your imaginations and bring them to life. We would offer in-depth film development lectures, critiquing, ins and outs of production and other nitty-gritty details of how to create your own indie movie this summer. 

Shoot us an email here allan.camata@gmail.com or send us a SMS at +639156800862 for inquires. We’ll be updating more of the details about this activity these coming weeks. 

Please be advised that this is not in any way related or connected to the UFO workshops that Mr. Dela Cruz is mentoring also. This would be a different production meant for Bicol. 

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