Anvil and Bestsellers to launch Motherhood Statements


Anvil Publishing and Bestsellers celebrate Mother’s Day with the release of Motherhood Statements, a collection of essays about motherhood edited by Cyan Abad-Jugo and Rica Bolipata-Santos, The book will be launched in Bestsellers 4th Level Robinsons Galleria at 6pm on May 9, 2013.

The book is an attempt to map out with words the most tricky and exciting terrain of mothering and of being mothered. In thirty essays, mothers, daughters, and sons, speak of various ways the umbilical cord continues to be bound and cut, and cut again and again– aware of the pain and pleasure that comes with our most fundamental relationship in this life.

Editor and award-winning writer Rica Bolipata Santos writes in the introduction “You could say that this anthology is just a continuation of their journal, except that other people have (thankfully) joined in the conversation! Here are mothers looking back, mothers looking forward,mothers with a million concerns or with one whopping issue, and daughters and sons writing about their mothers, with questions, confusions, maybe even anger.”

The book features essays from a varied mix of fictionists and journalists like Gémino H. Abad, Annette Acosta-Dickson, Ajie Alvarez-Taduran, Mari Jina Andaya, FH Batacan, Ian Rosales Casocot, Gilda Cordero-Fernando, Noelle Q. de Jesus, Honeylein C. de Peralta, Paul Hsiung Go, Jose Claudio B. Guerrero, Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo, Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta, Marra PL. Lanot, Priscilla Supnet Macansantos, Luchie B. Maranan, Ambeth R. Ocampo, Charlson Ong, Devi Benedicte I. Paez, Ma. Elena L. Paulma, Sandra Nicole Roldan, Shakira Andrea C. Sison, Neni Sta. Romana Cruz, Catherine Rose Torres, Janet Villa, Criselda Yabes, April Timbol Yap, Lawrence Lacambra Ypil .

Some excerpts : From Cyan Jugo , “Motherhood has taught me to swallow more times than I thought possible. It has taught me I have a temper. It is about eating humble pie, each time I discover I’m not the wonderful mother I thought I’d be, that apparently I have no patience and a lot of anger management issues.” From Noelle de Jesus Chua’s Beneath The Motherload: “A good mother does not impose her will, but presents it as both an option and as an opportunity. A good mother knows when to be silent and to let her eyes speak more than her mouth. A good mother recognizes that children need to feel that they are making their own decisions in order to grow up.”

From award winning columnist and historian Ambeth Ocampo: “One would presume that living with my mother for little over four decades would make me an expert on her life, but the surprising thing was that there were many facets of her life she kept to herself. The process of rediscovery took awhile as my sisters patiently went through her drawers and cabinets, sifting through her personal effects…Going over my mother’s effects was an exercise in history that make me appreciate the love and care that allowed me to be what I wanted and could be.”

Motherhood Statements is available in National Book Store, Powerbooks and Bestsellers branches nationwide.


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