Born on June 22, 1983 in Upon, Pinili, Ilocos Norte. He is a multilingual writer (Iluko, English, Filipino) on Ilocano and Philippine culture and the arts for the past 51 years. His outlets are BannawagRima, Iluko anthologies, lectures, English broadsheets, popular and professional magazines, journals, and classrooms. He enjoys regional, national and international recognitions for his incisive and scholarly critiques. The Association of the Philippines gave him a special cognition for his body of published works in 1971. This was followed by numerous official participation in national and ASEAN congresses on arts and aesthetics, in many of which as a paper reader. At the University of the Philippines where he received his degrees (BFA, MAED, Ph. D in Communication), his body of published works had been duly recognized. The Manila Critics Circle awarded him the 2004 National Book Award for Rice in the Seven Arts, Sept. 4, 2005. Pinili-Metro Manila Residents Associations, Inc., awarded him the Don Ignacio Lafrades Award for Distinguished Achievement, December 9, 2006. Dr. Zafaralla is a member of GUMIL Filipinas; PEN International; Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society; and Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in the Social Sciences.