Truth? Writing about yourself and your opinions can be harder than making up stuff. Three non-fictionists talk about the agony, the ecstasy, and the various techniques that go into writing under that big umbrella the english 202 peeps natter about as Creative Non-Fiction (or CNF).

Food critic, travel writer, and doyenne of Pinoy horror Yvette Tan, essayist and geek icon Carljoe Javier, and literary journalist Karl R. De Mesa join forces in a one day only talk on how to have an opinion, dazzle your friends and family with your secret adventures, and talk about your awesome life like a bawse.


Topic: Dealing with multiple personalities

I will talk about the idea of writing about oneself and one’s life, through different aspects of that life. I have written a couple of CNF books, as well as some criticism, and I have found that it isn’t just a chronicle of events, but it becomes a picture of life.

When I read over my older work, I realize that it is a different person who has written it. And now I am interested in the idea that we are essentially different people with each artistic undertaking. I’ll try and engage this idea, explore what it might mean for us, and how an awareness of this idea might help one’s writing.

Topic: Bat Country: How I made peace with gonzo and lit journ
On the pleasures and pain of trying to fuse fiction techniques with reportage, and how an obsession with Hunter S. Thompson’s brand of participatory journalism has led me to some odd, very odd, extremely odd, and downright bizarre avenues, and how the hazards of it sometimes endanger my safety and sanity. Except less boring than I said it. Also, on how I made “Report from the Abyss”

Follow Your Stomach: Food as an impetus for travel and writing.
Every project has to start somewhere, and in my case, it usually starts with food. More than just something to fill our stomachs or get us through a bad day, food can lend insight to a culture and provide a jump-off point for many an adventure.