The College of Arts and Letters Student Council 2013-2014 invites you to this first lecture on their FLED (Forum, Lecture, and Educational Discussions) series. The topic is “On Aesthetics” which will be given by Prof. Sofia Guillermo of the Art Studies Department in UP. This will happen on August 24, 2013 (12 noon) at CAL New Building Room 208.

Prof. Guillermo is the daughter of the great Philippine art historian Alice Guillermo. Her previously written books were “Asian History and Civilization” (1999), “Philippine History and Government” (1999), “World History” (1999), “Ang Kasaysayan ng Daigdig” (1998), and “Ang kasaysayan at pamahalaan ng Pilipinas” (1997), most of which she co-authored with her brother Dr. Ramon Guillermo of the Filipino and Philippine Literature Department in UP. She has also written previous study on pedagogy entitled the “Effect of personal and organizational variables and value orientations of public elementary school principals on their decision making styles” (1990) and has published the essay “The perils of posing: from theory to practice and back” (2011) in the Suri sining: the art studies anthology.