Let’s go to the GYM FOR THE HEART* as Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s Theater-in-a-backpack program offers “ACTOR’S GARAGE” and “DIRECTOR’S LABORATORY”

The courses are new explorations in creating new approaches and new works for the theater. Sipat Lawin devised these workshops to open and share our unconventional and edge-work practices to the general public.

The specialized programs are open to anyone interested. Beginners, professionals, and even those without previous theater background are welcome

For inquiries and reservations, email sle.theaterinabackpack@gmail.com or text 09209469023.

*A “gym for the heart,” the Sipat Lawin Curriculum uses a holistic orientation in theater-making. It focuses on balancing the individual’s thinking, feeling and willing towards developing an effective communicator and a responsible, pro-active social being.