Born on 24 August 1941 in Manila , Philippines . His pen name is Yue Qu Liao. He is married to Rosalinda Ong Chua. He studied at the Chiang Shek High School and the Mapua Institute of Technology (undergraduate). He is a businessman and a restaurateur (The Little Store on the Hill). His published works include “Yue Qu Liao Poems Collection” (2202), Ong Kok Tong Foundation, Hiq Printing Press, Co.; and Different Dreams, Same Bed (2007), Sprintec, Printing Press Inc, all Published in Taipei, Taiwan. He won the following awards: 1 st Poetry Award pf Ong Kok Tong (1985) Literary Foundation, Philippines ; Awardee, Ho Kuang Poetry Association (1986), Philippine Poetry Award; and Awardee, Overseas Educational Foundation Creative Poetry Award (2003), Taiwan , R.O.C; and Awardee, The Epoch Poetry Short Poems Award (2007). He is a member of the Free Verse Poetry Club Philippines , World Chinese Writers Association, Phil-Chinese Writers Association, Asia Chinese Writers Association Philippines (Philippine Branch), The Thousand Island Poetry Association Philippines, Kheng Yuen Literary Association Philippines, Phil-Chinese Literary Association, and The Epoch Poetry.