Belinda Casper is a fictionist, novelist, literary critic and the wife of Leonard Casper. She earned her LIB in 1955 in the University of the Philippines, and LIM inHarvard University.

Her publications include:

  • The Transparent Sun and Other Stories (1963)
  • The Peninsulars (1964, novel)
  • The Secret Runner and Other Stories (1974)
  • The Three Cornered Sun (1979, novel)
  • Dread Empire (1980)
  • Hazards of Distance (1981)
  • Fortress in the Plaza (1985, novella)
  • Awaiting Tresspass: Wings of Stone (1986, novel)
  • Ten Thousand Seeds (1987, novel)
  • A Small Party in a Garden (1988, novella)
  • fiction in national, Asian and US periodicals

She received several grants and awards such as: study grant in HarvardUniversity (1956-57); grant, SU (1963); Creative Writing fellowship, Radcliffe Institute (1974-75); resident fictionist, UP Summer Writers’ Workshop (1980); and Djirassi (1984). She was also a lecturer of Creative Writing in AdMU (1978 and 1980), Writer-in-Residence, UP Likhaan (1980, 1982), and Visiting Writer, UP (1984).