Born in 1980 and raised almost all his life in Baguio City, Dion Michael Fernandez has both a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Literature and a Master’s Degree in Language Education at Saint Louis University, where he was recognized as “Maker of Myths” in the Mandala Literary Society. Heavily armed and equipped with a vested, almost obsessive, interest in world mythology, ancient cultures and urban folklore, his literary style reflects an eccentric combination of fact, fantasy, Gothicism and cosmopolitan modernism; in fact, a number of his works contain subliminal messages. Three of Dion’s stories based on fact have been published inStories of the Moon , an anthology written by Tony Perez, author of the Cubaoseries of books by Anvil Publishing. Dion also became a regular columnist at Skyland News, a local weekly, writing on topics relating to urban folklore and spirituality. Additionally, he is the sole author of the Baguio Heritage Petition, a long-term initiative that seeks to preserve Baguio City’s remaining environmental and architectural heritage sites. Currently he helps manage and contributes to Ravenloft: the Fraternity of Shadows, an international Gothic literary and game community, where he is known as “Lurker Maximus.”