Silvino B. Epistola was born on 11 March 1925 in Manila. He was a fictionist and an essayist. He was married to Nieves Benito. He studied at the San Andres Elementary School and Arellano High School. SV finished his bachelor’s degree in English at the UP in 1953. He was editor of the Literary Apprentice and associate literary editor of the Philippine Collegian. After graduation, he joined the faculty of the UP Department of English. In 1958-1960, he studied Japanese language and culture at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and did literary research at the University of Tokyo, then took his master’s degree in regional studies, in 1965, and doctorate degree in history and East-Asian languages, 1970, at Harvard University. Until his retirement in 1990, he taught Asian studies and philosophies, specializing in East-Asian languages, Eastern thought and institutions, and Chinese and modern Western philosophies.

SV’s short stories are published in The Home We Remember and Other Stories(1990), while his literary essays are in Pieces and the Old Inkstone (1991). He also contirbuted several essays to the book Filipino Heritage: The Making of a Nation(1978).

He won two Palanca awards for his short stories: first in 1954 for “The Beads,” then in 1956 for “The Lost Ones.” He received the Mombusho Award, 1958-1960; the Rockefeller Foundation Grant, 1963-1968; and the Gawad Balagtas from UMPIL, and UP Asian Center Alumni Association Award, 1990.

Written by ML Maniquis from CCP Encyclopedia Volume 9