Pacis, Carla M.

Carla M. Pacis is a writer, a teacher and a former bookstore owner. She has written several books for children, a couple of novels for young adults and has won several local awards for her stories. She has also edited several books, not all for children, a print magazine and an online magazine, both for children. 

She is a lecturer at the University of the Philippines and at the De La Salle University, teaching and conducting workshops on how to write for children and young adults, and was a Resident Fellow of the U.P. Institute of Creative Writing. During the summer break, she conducts writing workshops for adults, teenagers and children and sometimes will talk to parents and teachers on the power of reading. She will never say no to a school visit, especially to those schools where the students have read her book(s). She enjoys these visits immensely as it gives her a chance to meet her readers and listen to their thoughts and comments. 

Carla is a founder-member of KUTING or Kwentista ng mga Tsikiting, a local organization of writers for children that meets once a month. Kuting is the Filipino word for kitten and Kwentista ng mga Tsikiting means Storytellers for Children. Carla is also a member of the Society for Children’s Writer’s and Illustrators (SCBWI) and has attended at least one of their conferences in the U.S.A.