Danilo Francisco M. Reyes, also known as D.M. Reyes was born on 11 May 1968 in Manila. He grew up in Nueva Ecija where he received his early education in a parochial school. His training in liturgical music and piano inspired him to consider the priesthood. He enrolled in philosophy on a scholarship at AdMU where, upon discovering the poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Edith L. Tiempo, he decided on a literary career. He was editor of Heights; took his AB, 1989, and MA, 1995, both in English, at the Ateneo. He was a writing fellow at the Silliman Writers Workshop in 1989; that same year, he began teaching Filipino language and literature at the Ateneo. He considers influential in his own writing the poetry and pedagogical approach of Edith Tiempo. At present, he is moderator of Heights and co-administrator of its annual writers for the annual Dean’s Awards for the Arts in the Ateneo. His first book of poems, Promising Lights , has been published.