Fernando Mamuri Maramág was born on January 21, 1893 in Ilagan, Isabela. He was educated in the Philippine Normal School, and then transferred to the University of the Philippines. He worked as teacher at the Instituto de Manila, which later became the University of Manila. He was also writer and editor at several magazines, including Rising Philippines, Citizen, Philippine National Weekly, Philippines Herald, and The Tribune. He also served in the Publication Division of the Department of Justice, and then transferred to the office of the President of the Senate under Manuel L. Quezon.

A poet and essayist, Maramág translated Ibanag folk songs into English, such as the “Cagayanon Labor Song,” “A Translation of an Orphan’s Song,” and “Cagayano Peasant Song”. His poems include “To a Youth,” “The Aetheist,” and “Moonlight on Manila Bay”. His essays were anthologized in Leopoldo Yabes’ Filipino Essays in English 1910-1954 (1954). He passed away on October 23, 1936.