Ramos, Leonardo Baens

Leonardo Baens Ramos was born on January 5, 1940 in Manila, but grew up in Bataan. He studied in various elementary schools in Orani, Bataan and Sta. Ana and Bonifacio in Manila, but finally graduated on April 25, 1952 from San Francisco del Monte Elementary School, and finished at Arellano High on March 27, 1956.

He first enrolled as an Entrance Scholar for Pre-Medicine in June, 1956, at the UP College of Liberal Arts, where for the first five semesters, he was a University and College Scholar. Then he entered the College of Medicine, but after a semester, shifted to AB English, graduating in 1965. His works were published into Moon Shadow Poems (Phoenix Press, 1962) and Swan’s Pirouette Poems (Porphyry Publication, 1965).