Born and raised in Beijing, China during the Cultural Revolution, because her parents were based there then, Maningning Miclat became fluent in Mandarin (which she later taught at the Ateneo University), English and Filipino.

In 1987, she published her first book of poetry in Chinese, Wo De Shi (My Poems). Three years later she became a fellow of the UP Writers Workshop, where she won an award for a one-act play in Filipino.

Her poems in English made her a fellow of Silliman Writers’ Workshop. And she followed up her first book of poetry with Voice from the Underworld (Anvil Publishing).

An anthology which came out in Beijing counted Maningning as one of the 39 Top-Rated Poets in Chinese.

The young writer’s accomplishments in painting are just as remarkable, if not more so, considering her age then.

In 1987, 15-year-old Maningning held a first solo show of Chinese traditional paintings, the first of five such one-woman exhibits. And while still a student at the UP College of Fine Arts , she won the 1992 Art Association of the Philippines Grand Award for with her abstract work, “Trouble in Paradise .”

She later took up Masters in Fine Arts at UP and taught art at the Far Eastern University. There, on Sept. 29, 2000, the angel of death caught up with her.