Valdemar Olaguer was born on April 5, 1922 in Manila. He was associate professor at the Department of English, Ateneo de Manila University, at the time of his death on December 26, 1970. He also taught at the Department of English, University of the East, before he transferred to Ateneo. Olaguer spent part of his boyhood in Bicol. Years later, he would finish his Bachelor of Arts in Ateneo de Manila in 1947, study on a creative writing fellowship at Stanford University, obtain his MA in literature from San Francisco State College, and garner major literary awards, including a Palanca, 3rd prize in poetry, in 1965, and 2nd prize in 1966, for untitled collections of verses. The 1966 collection was included in Polotan’s Anthology of Palanca winners, published in 1976. The poems there, together with others, are in Olaguer’s Masks for Heresy (1971). Published posthumously, it shared with Virginia Moreno’s Itim Asu the first prize ($1000) in a literary contest sponsored by SEATO in 1971-72. The title is from Olaguer’s “David.”