The playwright and fiction writer Wilfrido D. Nolledo was born on January 19, 1933 in Manila. He finished high school at the National University and then graduated with a BA in Literature from the University of Santo Tomas. He worked as a writer in This Week, Sunday Times Magazine, and at the Ministry of Health, and then as staff member of the Philippines Free Press. He was also contributing editor for Focus Philippines and editorial assistant for Observer and Newstime.

He garnered numerous awards for his short stories and one-act plays in English. Among these were first prize in the Marian Year Literary Contest at the UST, various prizes in the Free Press literary contest, and the Palanca awards. He was also a fellow at the University of Iowa.

Some of his short stories include “In Caress of Beloved Faces,” “Adios, Ossimandias,” and “Rice Wine”. Island of the HeartLegend of the Filipino GuitarAmour ImpossibleTurn Red the SeaFlores para los muertos (Flowers for the Dead), and Dulce estranjero are only a few of his one-act plays. His novels are But for the Lovers (1970), Sangria Tomorrow (1981), and Via con Virgo(1984).