Destiyero Theater Commune, in partnership with National Commission for Culture and the Arts, DLSU Cultural Arts Office present ACTS OF PIRACY ver. 2.0

A series of performances and installations divided into six acts, with each act aiming to expose how we consume materials, the media, and how text and video documents negotiate influence with our society. Piracy (who is pirating who, and who is being pirated upon in terms of the medium and the live) as metaphor is explored by way of a six-act performative critique: Each act places the subject matter under scrutiny in an attempt to bring to light the shifting relations of influence, and the possible forces that generate modes of realities.

ACT I:  Medium as [Identity]
ACT II:  Medium as [Romance]
ACT III: Medium as [Power]
ACT IV: Medium as [History]
ACT V: Medium as [Entertainment]
ACT VI: Medium as [Voyeur]
12, 14 November 2015
7:30PM (open house 7:00PM)
20/F Andrew Gonzales Hall (AGH), Multipurpose Room, DLSU, Taft Ave. Manila

Ticket Php350/student  Php500/regular (bulk-buyers and senior discount available)

For ticket RESERVATIONS and INQUIRIES contact 0917.6771936 (Rielle) 0917.5064517 (Alon) or e-mail

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Performers: Kiki Baento, J-mee Katanyag, SP Baldemeca, Mayen Estanero, Acey Aguilar, Nash Tabanda, Sky Abundo, Guelan Luerca

Artistic & Production Team: Joshua Lim So, Kim Quilicot, Rouch Dinglasan, Alon Segarra, Claudia Enriquez, Joyce Garcia, Ralph Lumbres, Kamole Orense, Dyenena Miguel, Teresa Pamaong

Destiyero Theater Commune is a gathering place where theater and performances are prompted by healthy exchanges among collaborators from several fields of practice and thought, with the aim of creating performances geared toward investigation, and as a result providing new affects that lead to a reevaluation of held belief systems, perspectives, ideas and practice. Destiyero aims to incite creative and critical inquiry to all participants, thus aiming to propagate an active audience: an audience that is given as much license to resist and disagree just as they are also given the freedom to be engaged and/or enamored by a performance.