UP Alpha Nu Fraternity, a brotherhood open and sensitive to men of different sexual orientations, shall celebrate World AIDS Day through spoken word or performance poetry competition this December 5, 2015 from 6 PM to 9 PM. This is BosesXBerso: A Poetry Battle for HIV-AIDS Awareness. Venue is at College of Mass Communication Auditorium, UP Diliman. 
BosesXBerso is a spoken word poetry competition with the theme focused on expressing in verse the messages of People Living with HIV-AIDS, their lives and experiences. Everyone willing to share their poetry is welcome to register or join the fun as spectators.
Contest Proper:
1)      First Round (Performance. Participants will perform their prepared, original piece that touches on a specific aspect about HIV-AIDS. The poem must be spoken, danced, or performed with the body. Twenty registered participants from Google Sign Up sheet and five walk-in participants will join in this first round. Judges shall choose the top ten participants for the next round.)
2)      Second Round (Battles. The battle will pattern the production of renga style. Renga is a kind of collaborative poem created by two poets, the first opening with a haiku, and the next poet continuing the next stanza with seven syllables per line. In this round, there will be no limit for syllabication or rhyme. The poet must continue the lines within the time limit of one minute.
Ten participants will be paired. Each pair will pick an issue related to HIV-AIDS. After which, the first performer will be given a minute to think about his/her opening verse which will last for a minute. Then, the partner continues the verse which will last for another minute. Then, the first performer rebuts in verse for another minute. The last minute is given for the second participant to rebut in verse. The judges comment and decide on which participant performs the best verse for the battle.  Only the five chosen participants will reach the final round.)
3)      Final Round (Impromptu. Judges will announce a surprise theme for the participants to write their original poem. Ten minutes will be given to create their poem. After ten minutes of isolation, poets are called in one-by-one to perform.Judges shall comment on the poet’s performance and written pieces.)
Contest Mechanics:
The judges shall be the sole deliberator of winners. The top three best competitors will be awarded with major and consolation prizes, while the top five will be awarded with consolation prizes. The judge’s decisions are final and irrevocable. Contest organizers are not allowed to join the competition. Winners shall be awarded with the following: (Champion – P7,000; Second Place – P5,000; Third Place – P2,000). Consolation prizes will also be given to all participants.
IMPORTANT: To join in the competition, sign up in the Google Form link: http://bit.ly/bosesxberso or http://goo.gl/forms/A1Ra7x1gjB. Deadline for pre-registration is until 12 midnight of December 3, 2015 (Thursday).
Art and Design by Allen John Guanzon