Mag-Binisaya ta, mga Bisaya!

Writers of the native tongue in Cebu are invited to a first-of-its-kind TAGIK Meetup to read, write, and share literary output while mingling with fellow young Cebuano writers writing in Binisaya.

Young writers need not be eloquent writers of the language but are willing to hone their skills to improve writing in Binisaya. Open to everyone, student or not, who are willing to expand their literary circle.

Several young and published writers will share their literary experiences to the attendees. An invited guest writer will give advice on how to improve their writing in the native tongue and how to get published.

There will also be a literary discussion that will involve some notable works from established writers. Attendees will also be required to bring pen and paper since there will be a short writing exercise and sharing afterwards.

TAGIK Meetup will be on April 16, 2016, Saturday, in Handuraw Pizza Gorordo at 2PM. This event is in partnership with Handuraw Pizza and Balakista.

Come and join us! Check out the event page here:

If interested, please register here for free: