Deadline Extension: December 15 2016

The impetus of this anthology came from the advocacy to image Mindanao as not just a war torn conflict-ridden place that’s often reported in mainstream media, but as an island that’s well-rounded, complex, and yet complicated with historical, social, and cultural layers. 

There is a need to move away from touristy destination articles published in commercial travel magazines so what is meant by travel essays are written work (lyrical, reportage, hybrid, among other forms) that will fall under creative nonfiction. 

Length: Maximum of 2000 words, minimum of 500 words

English is the required language.  
Essays can be previously published, and they don’t have to be new.
Literary journalism or reportage pieces are encouraged as well.

This is open to all nationalities.

MS Word files should be submitted as attachments along with the author’s short bio to:

We’re trying to cover the map of Mindanao. So contributions focusing on all the areas, most importantly those places that are not so popular, are encouraged.