‘HALAD: Mindanao Harvest for the 21st Century’, a literary anthology, is now accepting poems, short stories, creative nonfiction/essays, and one-act plays in English, Filipino, and Binisaya written by established and emerging writers born and/or based in Mindanao.
This anthology aims to gather in one book some of the best new Mindanao writings for possible use by high school and college teachers handling 21st Century Philippine Literatures from the Region.
The editors prefer recent works (from 2000 to the present) with a thematic grounding on Mindanaoan realities—ethnopolitical issues, culture, geography, and history. Submissions, either previously published (provide details for acknowledgment purposes) or unpublished, may be any of the following:
(1) Poetry—4 poems (not more than 80 lines each); or
(2) Fiction—2 short stories (2000 to 5000 words each);
(3) CNF/Essay—2 creative nonfiction/essays (2000 to 5000 words each); or
(4) Play—1 one-act play (15 to 25 pages).
Send manuscripts as email attachments doc. file to mindanaoliteraryanthology@gmail.com together with a cover letter indicating author’s full name, 2×2 photo, mobile number, email address, home address, and a short bio note (200 to 400 words). Inquiries may be directed to the email address indicated above. Deadline of submissions is on 15 December 2017. Successful contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the book upon publication.
The editors of the anthology are Ricardo M. de Ungria, Jaime An Lim, and Christine Godinez-Ortega.