Call for Submissions: Sarimanok Anthologies (Vols 1-3)

When the Howls of the Stray Dogs are Silent
A Collection of Personal Essays

How to Crack a Rape Joke at the Height of Post-truth and Personality Politics
A Collection of Critical Essays

Distrust, Dissent and Displacement: Musings on Martial Law Mindanao
Responses to Atenews Asks


We are confronted with both fear and hope in this era – when deception has developed its own disguise and truth has been purposely distorted to forward personal agenda and biases. The fear stems from the rising inability of people to delineate what’s the truth from the superfluity of lies. Not only that fake news has been extensively used to trap people in trickery, authority has also been used to stain the discourse and silence institutions necessary to raise awareness on this matter. These threats do inhibit the appropriate development of people’s consciousness, pushing them to become selective of information that only favor them than seek for those that will challenge their wrong notions and beliefs. The hope, however, emanates from those who have stood steadfast in fighting such threats to achieve the truth and justice to those who are deprived of it. Writers – poets, essayists, critics – whose desires include expanding the existing literatures to overthrow unnecessary discussions that only confuse the masses will be empowered Sarimanok, a project of Atenews, the official student publication of Ateneo de Davao University.

Sarimanok, just like any other living legends, has its own meaningful inception. Despite the numerous existing stories, it was said in a tale that a sultan of Lanao had a beautiful princess whose name is Sari, but who went missing after her birthday celebration. To commemorate her, the sultan had a rooster carved in memory of that tragic day. Thus, its historical value imprints a vital function in the lives of those who have faith in the said story. In the Maranao culture, moreover, it symbolizes wealth, power and prestige. Given the Sarimanok’s own metaphor and importance to the Mindanaoan heritage, Atenews would like to materialize its relevance through works of nonfiction stories and flash nonfiction (Vol. 1) and critical essays (Vol. 2). Short responses to questions by Atenews Asks would form Vol. 3. This will be an avenue for those, Atenean or not, who want to engage in and upraise the current discursive landscape and inspire the readers to write more, speak more and act more than the ordinary.

In the first volume of Sarimanok, When the Howls of the Stray Dogs are Silent (A Collection of Personal Essays), Atenews encourages submissions that portray fear and anxiety of the everyday life affected by the threat of dictatorship. The populist promise of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte ostensibly responds to the dire needs of a population suffocated by the failures of previous politically correct politicians in pursuing the welfare of the public. However, in the midst of actualizing his brutal platform of cleansing the country, leading to the controversial war on drugs and summary executions spread in the country, among others. Atenews seeks personal essays that talk about the stories behind these issues. Flash nonfiction stories must be around 500-1,000 words in length and nonfiction 2,500-5,000. Submissions for flash nonfiction are only open to the Ateneo community while submissions for nonfiction are open to everyone. Deadline of submissions for Vol. 1 is on March 2, 2018. Ian Derf Salvaña and Ram Manlatican will serve as editors of this volume.

In the second volume, How to Crack a Rape Joke at the Height of Post-truth and Personality Politics (A Collection of Critical Essays), submissions must envelope the current happenings in the Duterte administration and provide a critical evaluation of the mechanisms that the government has employed such as the highly-criticized persistent war on drugs, the economic implications brought about by the TRAIN law, the unfulfilled promise to terminate Endo, the unresolved injustices due to the heightened militarization in the Lumad communities and all other actions impelled by the government which may have direct or indirect impacts to the Filipinos. Interested writers must send a short abstract of less than 500 words on or before February 23, 2018. Writers will receive notification via email on or before March 2, 2018 if the abstract proposals of their critical essays will be accepted. Ian Derf Salvaña and Jupiter Cabig Jr. will serve as editors of this volume.

In the third volume, Distrust, Dissent and Displacement: Musings on Martial Law Mindanao (Responses to Atenews Asks), Atenews seeks concise and provocative expositions about distrust, dissent and displacement, touching on issues revolving around the implementation of Martial law and the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus in Mindanao. Each exposition must not exceed 300 words in length. Deadline of submissions is on March 2, 2018. Kyrie De Chavez, Yves Mathieu Africa and Aliyah Jeande Muta will serve as editors of this volume.

Here are the general guidelines for submissions:

  1. All submissions must be original previously unpublished. Multiple submissions are allowed.
  2. Writers submitting for Vols. 1 and 2 must provide a short bio-note of less than 100 words. Writers submitting for Vol. 3 must provide the following information: name, age, and address (city, country).
  3. Atenews accepts submissions written in English, Filipino and Binisaya for Vols. 1 and 3. Submissions for Vol. 2 should be written in English. All submissions must be single-spaced and justified, in 12 points Book Antiqua.
  4. Atenews only accepts submissions via e-mail. Submit works to using the following subject line and filename format: [Volume] – [Genre] – [Title] ([Last Name of Author]). Expositions don’t need titles and must only state the topic being discussed. Examples of these are:
  • 1 – Flash Nonfiction – Alimukon (Manlatican)
  • 1 – Nonfiction – I am possessed by (un)familiar demons (Cabig Jr.)
  • 2 – Critical Essay – The Broken Promise of Populism: Demagoguery in the Philippines and America (Salvaña)
  • 3 – Exposition – Extra-judicial killings (De Chavez)
  1. Bio-notes should be written in the e-mail’s body and not in the document itself. Submissions must be attached either in the form of .doc or .docx file.
  2. The editors reserve the right to edit all materials accepted for publication.


All queries may be addressed to:

Ms. Avegail Gimeno
Atenews Managing Editor
(082) 221-2411 loc. 8332

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