Anna Liza Gaspar was once asked what she prefers writing about and why: stories or financial report. She replied, “Writing about numbers or financial reports relaxes me while writing stories make me feel alive. Asking me why I write is like asking a bird why it flies.”
Liza grew up in a house built in the middle of rice fields at the foot of a mountain, but she is still afraid of caterpillars. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accountancy from the University of the Philippines and earned her certified public accountant license the same year. She studied for her MBA at the De La Salle University. She is a certified public accountant. She’s currently working on her Chartered Financial Analyst certification.
She was a fellow for Pasnaan (workshop for Ilokano writers), LIRA, , and the Cordillera Creative Writers’ Workshop.

  • Antolohia dagiti Daniw ni Ayat (Anthology of Love Poems), 2016, GUMIL Filipinas
  • Ni Anna Sadiay Ili iti Partas-Gasto (Anna in the Town of Partas-Gasto), 2015, Vibal Publishing House, Inc.
  • Bigkis {Biglang Kislap}, Poetry Anthology, 2014 [Ilan ang Iyong Binti, Makulay at Malasa sa Aming Bukid, Ang Apat na Mukha ng Buwan, Soneto sa Tinenneb na Dalag ni Lam-ang]
  • Dagiti Napili a Kapipintasan a Kabukbukodan a Sarita a Para Ubbing: Umuna a Libro (Our Most
  • Beautiful Stories: First Volume, Anthology), 2014, GUMIL Filipinas [Ni Anna Sadiay Ili ti Partas-Gasto]

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