Jose Antonio M. Cangco graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University. As a management graduate, his work involved writing guidelines, designing manual systems and formulating standard operating procedures. His next employment which was with the government dealt with preparing feasibility studies, writing business communications, in addition to supervising an accounting unit. It was during this time when he started contributing poems that saw print in local weekly magazines. After a ten-year stint with the government, he found employment in the Middle East where he continued writing and contributing poems such as Love Moves On and Sentimental Calling.
After returning to the Philippines, he went into business and then worked as writer and editor for different outsourcing companies, particularly 2 call centers, 2 KPOs, 1 SEO company, and 1 BPO. While in business, he was also giving seminars on how the concept of karma, when it is fully understood, can be an effective tool to motivate employees, as well as make them better persons. Some of the companies where he gave seminars are the National Tax Research Center, Institute for Foreign Study, Human Resources Integrated Experts, National University, San Buenaventura & Co., CPAs, etc. In May 2006, his first full-length article Karma and Employee Motivation was published in the Philippine Panorama, followed by Understanding How We Think Leads to Happiness, Is There an Obstacle to Clear Thinking? A Beginner’s Guide to Expressive Thinking, One Step to a Higher I.Q., How to Solve Problems Using Your Subconscious, and others.
Although his articles appearing on the magazine covered a wide range of titles such as The Case for Using English in Public Schools, New Approach to Flood Control, Gentlemen Prefer Conservatives, We Must Build Ships, The Philippines 50 Years Hence, etc. his main work focuses on ancient eastern knowledge and wisdom and their continuing relevance today. He explains what they really mean using simple, modern and easily understood terms emphasizing that this kind of knowledge is never antiquated. Possessing this results in a better understanding of one’s self and eventually the purpose of life.
Mr. Cangco is available for seminars and lectures on karma, reincarnation, and other esoteric eastern concepts. He has self-published a collection of poems Fancy the Minstrel and Other Love Poems. You may download his collection of poems and articles from or contact him at He has recently retired from active employment.
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