Lamberto G. Ceballos is the eldest of eleven siblings. He was born in Cawayan, Dalaguete, Cebu, on April 16, 1942. His parents were the late Nemesio Carza Ceballos and the late Visitacion Carumba Getutua. He loved to write even when he was yet in the elementary, especially when their teacher assigned them to write formal or informal themes like ‘How I Spent my Christmas Vacation,’ etc.
He had attended the following schools: Cawayan Elementary School, Dalaguete, Cebu (1949-1952); Zapatera Elementary School, Cebu City (1952-1955); Abellana National Vocational School, Cebu City (1955-1959); University of San Carlos, Cebu City, BSC-Accounting (1959-1963); University of the Visayas, Cebu City, LLB II (1969-1971).
When he was in high school at Abellana National Vocational School, Cebu City, he started writing articles for The Light of Lapu-Lapu, school organ, where he became its features editor. In 1958 when he was in the fourth year he won first prize in the weekly Students’ literary section of Kislap-Graphic Magazine. And when he graduated he was an honor student with a Certificate of Proficiency in Journalism which was his specialized vocational course.
At the University of San Carlos he was a Doña Modesta Singson Gaisano scholar, working student and staff writer of The Carolinian. He graduated Bachelor of Science in Commerce, major in Accounting. He passed the CPA board in 1967.  He took up law at the University of the Visayas as a scholar being the literary editor of The Visayanian.
In 1968, he was one of the writing fellows of the Silliman National Writers’  Summer Workshop managed by the late Dr. Edilberto K. Tiempo and Dr. Edith Tiempo (who became a national artist for literature later on). The batch included Alfred ‘Krip’ Yuson, Donel Pacis, the late Eman Lacaba, Armando Ravanzo, Cesar Mella Jr., etc. from Luzon and Metro Manila. Young Hee Yoo, a Korean writer of children’s book, was also there. LGC was among the Cebuanos that included the late Dr. Renato Amper, the late Dr. Urias Almagro, Linda Kalayaan Faigao, Rene Bonsubre, and the late Atty. Dionisio Gabriel.
In 1984 he was among the writing fellows who attended the first Cornelio Faigao writers’ workshop conducted by the University of San Carlos Cebuano Studies Center.
His poem ‘Phantom of the Times’ was published in the Philippines Free Press in 1967 and  in the Philippine Collegian (UP Diliman) in 1968.  This was also included in Literature for Filipinos of Today, Vol. IV, Philippine Prose and Poetry Series for High Schools in 1969, edited by Dr. Tobias Enverga and Prof. Tomas Brual.
In 1970, his poem ‘The Monument’ won second prize in a contest conducted by the Cebu Arts Council. Another poem ‘Saturday Night Is Also Lonely’ was included in the anthology ‘In Time Passing, There Are Things’ published by Home Life and edited by Dr. Leoncio Deriada in 1999.
In 1993, he received a grant from the Cultural Center of the Philippines for Cebuano Poetry for his ‘Ang Libud-suroy nga Mga Bata sa Dalan Colon,  etc.’
He won second prize in Palanca (Cebuano short story) in 2003 with his ‘Tinggutom sa Nayawak.’ For this, the Cebu City Council approved Resolution No. 03-1091 dated September 10, 2003 to recognize his contribution to the development of Cebuano literature and culture. Then in 2006 he won first prize in Palanca (Cebuano short story) with ‘Ungo sa Sanpilar.’ He won first prize again in 2015 with his ‘Tuba.’ For this, the Municipality of Dalaguete approved Resolution No. 186-2015 dtd. September 8, 2015 congratulating him for winning first prize in the Cebuano short story contest of the Palanca Awards for Literature.
In 2008 he won third prize in Gawad Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino Cebuano short story with his ‘Ang Tinuod nga Pagkatawo ni Amadix.’  He also won first honorable mention in Cebuano poetry with his ‘Nahimo Akong Magbabalak.’ In the same year he won second prize in Lunsayng Bisaya, Inc. short story contest with his ‘May Higayon ang Pagbawos.’
LGC has served twice as president of Bathalan-ong Halad sa Dagang, Inc. (Bathalad-Cebu) in 1993-1994 and in 2003-2004. He was writer of the year in 2006, together with Ernesto D. Lariosa, and in 2009 was elevated to the organization’s hall of fame.
Besides poems, short stories, short shorts, children’s stories and essays published in magazines and books, like Bisaya, Alimyon, Silaw, Bag-ong Suga, Kaliwat, Sun.Star Superbalita, Wagas, Lubasan, Lunhawng Hangin, Kaliring, Ani 26 (CCP), etc., he has also published novels in Bisaya magazine: AYAW NA AKO IHATAG SA LAIN (August-Oct. 1988); KON MANGLUOD NA ANG KASINGKASING (Nob. 1992-Jan. 1993); LUHA SA KAGABHION (Oct. 1998-Mar. 1999). He has published romance pocketbooks under the pen name Jasmine Castillo: GUGMANG WAY PAGBASOL (Carangue Printers, 2003); BALIK SA SABAKAN SA GUGMA (Sun.Star Publishing, 2005); PILION KO ANG IMONG GUGMA (Sun.Star, 2006). A novel titled ANG UNANG ASAWA NI DOMINO was serialized by Bisaya Magazine on May 12, 2010 to November 10, 2010. ANG PALAD NI INDAY CONCHING, a short novel was serialized in Bisaya Magazine from Nov. 2, 2016 to Dec. 7, 2016. Besides Jasmine Castillo, his other pen name is Apollo Carza.
‘Kapitan Ni Maria Cacao,’ a children story was included in the first book of stories for children published by Sun.Star Publishing with the support of Smart Communications under the title MATOD PA SA LOLA NI NOY KULAS. He was included in the book titled KAPULONGAN (Conversations with Cebuano Writers) edited by Dr. Hope S. Yu and published by the USC Cebuano Studies Center in 2008.
HUNGER IN NAYAWAK AND OTHER STORIES published by the University of San Carlos Press in 2011 is a compilation of his original Cebuano short stories translated and edited by Dr. Hope Sabanpan-Yu, director of USC Cebuano Studies Center. This book earned a review at Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia Issue 13 (March 2013): Monarchies in Southeast Asia.
Up to the year 2016, LGC has written and published more than 201 short stories (in Cebuano), more than 104 poems (in Cebuano), more than 22 essays and articles (in Cebuano)  and 8 novels (in Cebuano). In his college days he had also published several short stories and poems in English.
On February 9, 2013 he was one of the recipients of the NCCA-NCLA Taboan Literary Award held in Dumaguete City’
On August 30, 2014 he received from Unyon ng Mga Manunulat sa Pilipinas (UMPIL) the Gawad Pambansang Alagad ni Balagtas award. The award ceremony was held at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.
As a translator, he had translated from English to Cebuano a pamphlet on Islam, the Religion, a Repair and Maintenance Manual for Pili Elementary School, an article on Mega Cebu 2050, political campaign materials, survey sheets and studens’ term papers and other projects. Recently he had edited the English translation by the USC students of Cebuano poems circa 1950 – 1980.
In December, 2016, he served as a panelist in the First Tala Poetry Workshop conducted by the USC Cebuano Studies Center. He was also panelist in the Translation Seminar and Workshop on May 5-7, 2017 conducted by the Cebuano Studies Center at the University of San Carlos, where original Cebuano short stories translated into English by the translator-fellows were reviewed by the panelists.
At 75, he is a retired Certified Public Accountant and is presently connected with Sun.Star Superbalita as Cebuano language consultant and literary editor.
He is married to Estrella Abella Espinosa. They have three children, namely: Dr, Maria Theresa Abella Ceballos-Rosell, BSC-Accounting/CPA/MBA/DBA; Mark Lester Abella Ceballos, BSE-ReEd; and Luke Walter Abella Ceballos, BSC-Accountancy.
Short Stories:

  • Ang Paghandom Dili Mosalop Uban sa Adlaw sa Bulyugan (first prize, Ludabi 1971)
  • Si Inday Siloy ug ang Iyang Awit (first prize, children story, Wila 2003)
  • Ungo sa Sanpilar (first prize, Palanca 2006)
  • Tinggutom sa Nayawak (second prize, Palanca 2003)
  • Ang Kapilya nga Gisunog (first prize, Bathalad-Cebu 2009)
  • Ang Bata nga Nakaadto sa Bangaw(pangbata)(first prize, Bathalad-Cebu 2009)
  • Si Pongkoy ug ang Pulang Biseklita (first prize, children story, Bathalad 2004)
  • Ang Tinuod nga Pagkatawo ni Amadix (third prize GKWF 2008)
  • May Higayon ang Pagbawos (second prize, Lunsayng Bisaya Inc. 2008)
  • Si Junior ug ang Holen (second prize, Ludabi 1976)
  • Biya sa Lasang sa Tag-as nga mga Bilding (second prize, Bathalad-Mindanao 1997)
  • Ungo Gikan sa Dakbayan (second prize Sun.Star Superbalita 2002)
  • Last Shot (second prize, Bathalad-Mindanao 2002)
  • Pagsukod (1st honorable mention, Ludabi 1977)
  • Tadlas sa Haw-ang nga mga Takna (1st honorable mention, Magsusulat Inc. 1990)
  • Ang Kukok nga Nasaag sa Ilaya (1st honorable mention, Bathalad-Cebu 1992)
  • Pagkahagtos sa Tabanog ni Pongkoy (1st honorable mention, Sun.Star 1991)
  • Ang Mga Kawatan (2nd honorable mention, Ludabi 1976)
  • Ang Katapusang Pangisog ni Iyo Ityok (3rd honorable mention. Ludabi 1997)
  • Ug Mipauli ang Rebelde (honorable mention, Ludabi 1988)
  • Balik sa Lunhaw nga Kalibotan (honorable mention, Magsusulat Inc. 1988)
  • Panamilit ni Dakulkol (1st prize, sugilanong pangbata, Bathalad-Cebu 2011)
  • Drama sa Basurahan (1st hon. mention, Bathalad-Cebu 2011)
  • Tuba (first prize, Palanca 2015)


  • Ang Libud-suroy nga Mga Bata sa Dalan Colon, ubp. (CCP grant 1993)
  • Namahaw ang Metro Aide (first prize, Bathalad-Cebu 1995)
  • Gilubong nga Wa Magsapatos (first prize, Bathalad-Cebu 1996)
  • Sa Gabii Manggimok ang mga Bugang (first prize, Bathalad-Mindanao 2003)
  • Padulong sa Ganghaan sa Kangitngit (second prize, Pluma 1974)
  • 3 de Abril 1898 (second prize, Bathalad-Mindanao 1997)
  • Ngilngig Hunahunaon ang Ugma (second prize, Bathalad-Mindanao 2006)
  • Salmo: Tadlas sa Kangitngit ug Kahayag (third prize, Pluma 1976)
  • Pasagding Molabay ang mga Takna (third prize, Bathalad-Mindanao 2002)
  • Si Pongkoy ug ang Tayaong Lata (third prize, Bathalad-Cebu 2004)
  • Mga Lagingling sa Kahimungawong sa Lilang mga Gutling (1st honorable mention, Ludabi 1975)
  • Mga Esena Namugna sa Akong Pag-inusara ning Bag-ong Panahon (1st honorable mention, Superbalita 2004)
  • Awiti Kog Kinaraan (1st honorable mention, Dagang Foundation 2001)
  • Ulo ang Bantayog sa Diktador (honorable mention, Ludabi 1988)
  • Bato Lata (4th honorable mention, Superbalita 2004)
  • Ako Nahimong Magbabalak (1st honorable mention, GKWF 2008)
  • Mga Tukbil sa Kamingaw (2nd honorable mention Bathalad Mindanao 2007)
  • Latagaw sa Dakbayan (1st honorable mention Bathalad-Cebu 2011)


  • Ang Gahom sa Pahiyom (first prize, Ludabi 1978)
  • Nganong Sulaton ug Palambuon Sab ang Literaturang Pangbata sa Pinulongang Sugbuanon (second prize, Bathalad-Cebu 2004)
  • Mga Taytayan (honorable mention, Ludabi 1988)
  • Kinsa na May Moawit sa Balitaw (hon. Mention, Bathalad-Cebu 1992)
  • Daan ug Bag-o: Mga Tingog sa Pamalak Sugbuanon (second prize Bathalad-Cebu 2011, Katitikanong Paghukngay)


  • Luha sa Kagabhion (second prize, Bathalad-Cebu 1997)
  • Ang Mining Kinabuhi ni Apollo Carza (honorable mention, Ludabi 1979)

English Poem:

  • The Monument (second prize, Cebu Arts Council 1970)