Dazo, Roehl Joseph

Roehl Joseph A. Dazo writes fiction in Cebuano. He finished his Bachelor of Secondary Education- English at the Talisay City College in 2013 and Master of Arts in Literature at the Cebu Normal University in 2017. He is the co-editor of Libulan: Binisaya Anthology of Queer Literature, a fellow of 16th IYAS National Writers Workshop, an officer of Bathalan-ong Halad sa Dagang-Sugbo (Bathalad-Sugbo), a group of Cebuano writers in the Visayas, and served as the workshop coordinator of the annual BATHALAD Kagis Creative Writers Workshop in Cebu. A Labing Masaarong Bag-ong Magsusulat sa Bisaya 2016 winner, and his works appeared in Bisaya Magasin and Bukambibig PH. Currently, he is teaching literature, communication, and creative writing to Senior High school students.


  • “Apas-Sulat Gikan sa Wa Ilhing Puluy-anan,” Bisaya Magasin. March 2017.
  • “Suicide Note Ilawm sa Karaang Brip,” Bukambibig PH: Resistance. January 2017.
  • “White Lady Naligsan, Patay,” Bisaya Magasin. September 2016.
  • “Lingin,” Bisaya Magasin. Hulyo 2016.
  • “Ang K-12 ug Ang Senior High School,” Bisaya Magasin. Hunyo 2016.
  • “Nausik Nga Bugas,” Bisaya Magasin. Hunyo 2016.
  • “Ako Usa Sa Mga Iyas sa Katitikang Suboanon,” Bisaya Magasin. Hunyo 2016.
  • “Ang Kulturang Anti-Intellectuallism sa Mga Pilipino,” Bisaya Magasin. Hunyo 2016.
  • “Ladybeverly_69,” Bisaya Magasin. Marso 2016.
  • “Awra,” Bisaya Magasin. Marso 2016.

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