Oyzon, Voltaire

Voltaire Q. Oyzon has an MA in English from Leyte Normal University, where he teaches Waray language. He has been a writing fellow at the Visayas, Faigao, Iligan, and UP writing workshops. He is from Barugo, Leyte.


Stories for children:

  • Sandangaw (Sari-Sari Storyooks, forthcoming)
  • Hi Datu Bangkaw ha Isla Pinangamotehan (LNU Press, forthcoming)
  • An Amô ngan Uran (LNU Press, 2017)
  • An Nagpabukid nga mga Barko ( Katig Writers Inc./LNU Press, 2015)

Poetry collection:

  • Mga Bangin (LNU Press, forthcoming)
  • An Maupay ha mga Waray ug iba pa nga mga Siday(NCCA 2008)

Other books:

  • First One Thousand Commonly Used Words in Waray: A Dictionary for MTBMLE Educators (3NS/CHED, 2013)
  • Five-Language Classified Dictionary: English-Waray-Kana-Inabaknon-Tagalog ((3NS/CHED, 2014)