Yap, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Pascual Yap finished A.B. Philosophy at San Beda College, Manila and M.A. English Studies, major in Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. He became a fellow of national writers’ workshops such as Iyas National Writers Workshop, Kritika Workshop, and J. Elizalde Navarro National Workshop on Cultural Criticism. He has taught Philippine Literature in English and published short stories and essays in the Philippines and abroad such as the Queer Southeast Asia Literary Journal and Talas Cultural Education Research Journal. He has won awards for his adapted screenplays and travel essay.

List of Works

Queer Southeast Asia Journal: A Literary Journal of Transgressive Art, published the stories “The end is the beginning” and “Stout” in September 2016

The Sunday Times Magazine, published the story “Substratum” in December 2016

The Sunday Times Magazine, published the story “Diplomatic Relations” in October 2016

10 to 15 Articles for the Literature and Peoples Volume, CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art Revised Edition (to be published in September 2017)

Historical essay “Ysla de Binondo” for My Angkong’s Noodles edited by Clinton Palanca, October 2014

Iyas Anthology, published the short story “Inhibited” in September 2013

The Philippines Graphic, published the short story “A Strange Behavior” in May 2007

CCP ANI 31, published the short story “The Great Escape” in August 2005

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