Arius Lauren C. Raposas, also known by his pen name Al Raposas, was born on January 1, 1996 in Marikina, Metro Manila. Later on, he grew up in Antipolo, Rizal. He finished elementary at Justo Learning Academy (now Our Lady of Hope Integrated Acadeny) as valedictorian, with his general average setting a record high that is not equaled to this day. He finished high school at Marikina Science High School with an Excellence Award. He obtained his degree of Bachelor of Arts in History as magna cum laudeand class salutatorianat University of the Philippines Diliman. He is taking a master’s degree in Public Administration at the same university. For his academic achievement, he was elected as member in two honor societies, Pi Gamma Mu and Phi Kappa Phi. While working to make ends meet for himself and his family, he has maintained a continuing track record of at least 15 years of public service. Along the way, he humbly undertook various activities, programs, and projects. He raised a number of solutions for various issues in the local community, such as mendicancy and sewage systems. He has also engaged around a hundred young people in the past few years as his commitment to church ministry. Among the student clubs and organizations he joined in high school, he has done notable service in the Historia Club (2008-2012) and the Pathfinders Organization (2009-2012). Meanwhile, in the university, he has forwarded an avant-garde campaign to reform and to recreate the student council as a pioneer for all other student governments from the national to the international levels. With or without an official elective position, he was able to articulate his ideas on reforming student councils to thousands of people in the Philippines and beyond. This displays the continuing relevance of these ideas. His advocacy called for greater student participation, openness and transparency for all young people, as well as innovation in policymaking methods and implementation techniques. He heavily worked towards improving student government with the belief that the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. He was invited and has appeared in various media stations in the Philippines, earning him the unofficial title of being the nation’s youngest historian. This phenomenon has also earned him criticism, mainly due to his relative youth and perceived inexperience.
His pursuit of writing formally began in 2010, with his first works dedicated to his erstwhile lover. Since then, he has made a number of works. His works varied from short stories (such as Still Small Voice, written in 2010, and The Worst Love Story Of Our Generation, written in 2013), and novels (such as Code Antony, written in 2010, and Tinyente Tagalog – Superherong Pinoy, written in 2011), to poems (such as Para Sa Aliyang Nawala, and Nasaan Ka Aking Sinta, written in 2017), and songs (such as Hello, My Love, written in 2011). While he was sought to work with a number of publishing firms in the past, the genres that he has worked on are not generally in demand by the reading market at this time. Thus, while hoping for an opportunity to be printed as books, he has published some of his works online and offline. He has continuously participated in essay contests, among them the World Youth Essay Competition, and the International Essay Contest for Young People. While his primary writing languages are English and Filipino (based in Tagalog), he has limited working proficiency in Spanish and Japanese, and elementary proficiency in Ilokano, Bikolano, German, Chinese, Korean, and Russian.
Writing has figured in his career despite being faced with various difficulties early in life. He first worked as a textbook editor in a local publishing house in 2015. Then, he served as news editor for Sinag Publications from 2015 to 2016. He currently works in the University of the Philippines. He has also contributed with his passion for writing beyond his regular work. Since 2011, he served as an editor in Wikipedia, and has focused mainly on history articles. He is among the select few Filipino editors who specialized in the discipline. Among his distinctions was being runner-up for the Military History Newcomer Award in 2012. In recent years, he was the only Filipino editor to successfully participate in the WikiCup, an annual championship where article creation and editing skills are measured. Since 2012, he has been blogging with hopes of his ideas reaching more people through an emerging online medium. His blog was nominated in Bloggys 2015: The Philippine Blogging Awards (Society and Politics category). It is also the only history blog which has consistently ranked among the most popular blogs authored by Filipinos. Some of his articles (such as Minorities during Martial Law, Alternative Parties in the Philippines,President Aguinaldo’s Only Battle, Andres Novales and His Attempt at Empire, Heneral Luna: Historical Liberties and Inaccuracies,Nansha Conflict: Contending for Kalayaan Islands, Andres Bonifacio and the Revolutionary Legacy, and Lessons on the Peace Process from the Pact of Biak-na-Bato) were cited in a number of websites. To date, the blog has achieved worldwide readership. A number of his articles were also featured in other platforms, such as the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Beyond writing, he has also displayed interest in a number of other fields such as photography (he joined the photo contest Wiki Loves Monumentsin 2012), volunteer work (he currently serves as administrative support in Victory Christian Fellowship), game creation (such as National Construction, conceived in 2007, and Monopoll: The Philippine Election Game, conceived in 2011), and working on comics. Early in life, he drew comics to earn a few pesos to add to his small school allowance. Later on, he was unable to sell comics, but he still continued making them. Despite his somewhat unique style in drawing, he has made a number of works in this field. Among them are Kapitan(2003), Professor Magnet(2006), Peasant Academy(2006), Centurion Marcus(2007), Thrombocyte: The Last Platelet(2007), Gospel(2008), The Electron Regime(2008), Sepio: Ang Dakilang Magtataho(2009), Archiceres: Fanboy of Archimedes(2009), The Catastrophic Trio(2010), ProMoFun(2010), Lightning God In White Coat(2011), Ken Incident(2012), Codename: Playa Honda(2012), Alrajah(2012), The Cost(2013), Hindi Natutulog ang Gabi(2013), El Gato Exilado: The Exiled Cat(2014), Mycota the Slasher(2014), Son of God(2016), Corporal 72(2016), Diplomat: The One Lost In Time(2016), and El Tulisan(2017). Also, due to the lack of illustrators who will be interested to draw his written works, it was he who drew them himself when needed. He fervently hopes that as he keeps drawing and writing, it will somehow serve as an inspiration for others who would witness them.
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