The deadline of submissions for the second national creative writing workshop devoted to Philippine LGBTQ writers has been moved to April 30, 2019.
The workshop, which focuses on LGBTQ fiction this year, is being jointly sponsored this July by the University of the Philippines and Goldsmiths University of London, as part of the international research and arts consortium called GlobalGRACE: Global Gender and Cultures of Equality. GlobalGRACE is funded by the UK Research and Innovation’s Global Challenges Research Fund.
The workshop will take place on July 18-21, 2019 at the University Hotel in UP Diliman, and will be facilitated by a panel of established LGBTQ Filipino fictionists, led by the workshop director, Dr. Roland Tolentino. Dr. J. Neil C. Garcia, the project coordinator of the Philippine component of GlobalGrace, will also be in the panel.
The workshop is open to all Filipino LGBTQ fictionists, from 18 to 40 years old, writing in any Philippine language. Submissions that are not originally written in English or Filipino will need to be accompanied by a translation into either language. Each submission should consist of two short stories (with a combined word count of between 2,000 to 20,000 words). Graphic fiction is also accepted. There are no stylistic, modal, or thematic requirements.
The ten fellows who will be accepted to the workshop will be billeted at the workshop venue, and will receive a daily stipend. A modest travel allowance may also be available for those who will be coming from the regions. There will be germane socials incorporated into the workshop schedule, to complement and enrich the fellows’ holistic experience.
This fiction workshop is the second in an annual series of LGBTQ creative writing workshops. Last year’s workshop was devoted to poetry. Succeeding workshops will be devoted to the writing of LGBTQ creative nonfiction and drama.
The overarching goal of the Philippine component of the GlobalGRACE Project is to help realize and enact the ideal of cultures of gender and sexual equality through the nurturing and promotion of Philippine LGBTQ literature.
Moreover, this component seeks to provide institutional and pedagogical support to help discover and enable nonheteronormative voices and hone the creative writing skills of aspiring Filipino LGBTQ writers. These poems, stories, essays, and plays will hopefully not only express and disseminate but also enact, deepen, and expand the consciousness and identity of these writers, empowering and assisting them in their overall wellbeing.
The resultant texts and works of all the GlobalGRACE projects—across six countries—will be archived, published (online and/or in print), and curated in the Global Museum of Equalities, to be housed in both the UK and South Africa.
These workshops are an affiliate activity of the Likhaan: UP Institute of Creative Writing.
Please email submissions, accompanied by a cover letter (that includes an ‘artist’s statement and self-identification,’ and that will also attest to the works’ originality), to Prof. Francis Paolo Quina at [email protected]com