24 April – CAMBODIA – The Khmer Prompt – #KhmerPrompt
by Phina So
Write a poem in the Khmer form: 4 line stanzas with each line containing 7 syllables.
#FearBonus: The poem is about fear.
#BumpBonus: There is a loud sound in the poem, that somebody has to explore.
#SEAPoWriMo2018 #SEAPoWriMo2018Day1 #KhmerPrompt
25 April – INDONESIA – The Overheard Prompt – #OverheardPrompt
by Mikael Johani and Norman Erikson Pasaribu
Use Google Street View to go to a place in Southeast Asia you’ve never been to.
Write a poem about it that you overheard.
#PhoneticBonus – Include phonetic renderings of things you do not understand e.g. a foreign language, the sound of a broken air-con
#ProsaicBonus – Write a prose poem that is full of repetition.
#SEAPoWriMo2018 #SEAPoWriMo2018Day2 #OverheardPrompt
26 April – MALAYSIA – The Pantun Prompt – #PantunPrompt
by Afi Noor
The pantun is a form of poetry that thrives in communities across Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and even Burma and Sri Lanka
Write a pantun of 8 lines, with the rhyme scheme abab/abab or abac/abac.
You can find out more details about the form at the following link:
#MillennialBonus: Omit all punctuation. Write like the millennials do.
#SlangBonus: Include 2-3 local slang words.


27 April – PHILIPPINES – The Reclamation Prompt – #ReclamationPrompt
by Luisa A. Igloria
There are certain words and phrases used as overarching and reductive (often in a negative way) names for people and communities in specific geographical/geopolitical locations – like “Third World” or “minority.” You could also think of similar names/words in slang or vernacular.
Reclaim such a word/phrase by writing a poem in which you propose alternate meanings or usage for it.
#ListBonus: Make it a list poem.
#FoodPoemBonus: Write a poem about eating, or making, a “difficult” food.
#PersonaSlashEcopoemBonus: Write a persona poem using the point of view of a local/indigenous plant or animal facing environmental threat.


28 April – THAILAND – The Diamante Prompt – #DiamantePrompt
by Bhavna Khemlani
Write a diamante poem – seven lines in the shape of a diamond.
#ReallyDiamanteBonus: follow all the constraints of the form. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamante_poem
#PottedEggBonus: Write about either pottery or the hatching of an egg


29 April – VIETNAM – The Dictionary Prompt – #DictionaryPrompt
by Ajar Poesia
Write a poem in the form of a page from an imaginary dictionary.
#Multilingual Bonus: Make it a multi-language dictionary
#HybridBonus: Make up mixed words from different languages


30 April – SINGAPORE – The Boat Prompt – #BoatPrompt
Write a poem where you are on a boat.
#SampanBonus: The boat does not use technology common in 2018, i.e. petrol-burning engines.
#AnaphoraMetaphoraBonus: The boat is a metaphor, and every line of the poem is anaphoric (it starts with the same sentence structure, e.g. line 1 “I am on a boat… “ line 2 “I am on a big boat….” line 3 “i am on a boat in my mind… “ etc.
#ImOnABoatBonus: The boat is full of poets and they are reading poetry, apropos of nothing.