by Miguel Llona

Find Me is the result of a collaboration I had with Bettina Silverio, a talented and up-and-coming visual artist. It contains five short stories that I wrote through 2016 to 2017, written in the English language.

With the exception of “Terror Twilight,” the stories in Find Me were inspired from Silverio’s artworks. My aim was to mine the feelings, fantasies, and memories that her work stirred in me, capture them into words, then piece them together in the only way I know how—telling a story. The result is a number of unpolished short stories, as abstract and meandering as the artworks that inspired them. While they aren’t connected in any way, they do have an overarching theme of finding oneself, as I was undergoing an internal crisis at the time they were written.

After we had produced everything, Silverio and I mounted an exhibit called Through the Looking Glass, which ran from November 24 to December 4, 2017. In it, Silverio displayed all of the paintings and sculptures that inspired these stories that I wrote, and I put up copies of the collection for sale in the gallery itself (via an honesty system where interested buyers could pay through a drop box).