The LIKHAAN UP Institute of Creative Writing (UP ICW) continues to recover as more of its operations resume under the new normal. One of its regular projects, the 8th Interdisciplinary Book Forum (IBF), was postponed just days before it was to be held. It has been a challenge to get things back up and running, but the UP ICW is happy to announce that it is pushing through with 8th IBF featuring Dr. Ronnie E. Baticulon’s Some Days You Can’t Save Them All. In keeping with public safety protocols, the event will now be held online via Facebook Live on August 6, 2020 at 3PM. The event will run for an hour, with 15 minutes allotted for a Q&A towards its end.

This online discussion on Dr. Baticulon’s book is even more relevant now as the COVID19 pandemic exposes the cracks in our healthcare system, growing and threatening to collapse on the vulnerable Filipino population. Dr. J. Neil Garcia, Director of UP Press, writes: “This book by Dr. Baticulon is a collection of personal essays that document, describe, and transfigure his experiences as a medical doctor—a pediatric neurosurgeon—working in our country’s beleaguered public health sector. Very rarely does a book like this get written in our country, that presents a personal reckoning of the practice of humanistic medicine, giving observations and reflections on the subject not only of biomedical intervention but also of holistic healing.”

We have retained our panel, comprising Prof. Sandra Nicole Roldan (Department of English and Comparative Literature, UP Diliman), Vincen Gregory Yu, MD (Philippine Daily Inquirer), Dr. Ma. Mercedes Planta (Department of History, UP Diliman), and Dr. Ma. Helena Yap (Marine Science Institute, UP DIliman). The discussants will share their thoughts about the book, particularly as it relates to the nature and context of their respective disciplines, along with insights on its relevance in the middle of a health crisis. Dr. Baticulon himself will also be present during the livestream.

The IBF is held once every semester and constitutes a vital component of the UP Likhaan’s Literature for Social Development. Through the forum, the organization seeks to provide an academic venue in which to realize the imperative for dialogue and intellectual engagement across the various disciplines. Being the center for the study and development of creative and, to a certain extent, critical writing in the UP System, the Likhaan is in a unique position to carry out such an important academic mission.

No registration is required to attend the event. Simply wait for the forum to go live on August 6, Thursday, at 3PM. For inquiries, please email the UP ICW at [email protected].