The UP Institute of Creative Writing’s PAN series will feature quarantine reads in its third episode. Our featured panelists will be sharing literature that has helped them keep their spirits up during the pandemic. The online discussion will go live on our Facebook page on August 24 (Monday) at 3PM.

While our premier episode on writing in the time of COVID-19 was split into two parts, our third episode, Recommended Readings for the Quarantine, will have only one instalment featuring five instead of four panelists. Like writing, reading is different for each of us, and we want to get as many perspectives on reading to find what kind of literature works for as many people as possible. Whether they’re comforting, uplifting, enlightening, or inciting, what matters is that these words help us.

For this episode, we will get recommendations from Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo, Luna Sicat-Cleto, Gemino Abad, Gerome Nicolas Dela Peña, and Allan Derain:

Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo is a UP Professor Emeritus; former Director of the UPICW, the UP Press, and the UST Publishing House; present Director of the UST Center for Creative Writing & Literary Studies; and author of more than 40 books.

Luna Sicat Cleto is a fellow of the UP Institute for Creative Writing, and she is a fictionist and playwright.

University Professor Gémino “Jimmy” H. Abad of U.P. is a poet, fictionist, and literary critic and historian.

Si Gerome Nicolas Dela Peña ay guro ng Filipino at Panitikan sa Our Lady of Fatima University-Antipolo at Ganap na Kasapi ng KATAGA (Samahan ng mga Manunulat sa Pilipinas).

Si Allan Derain ang autor ng Iskrapbuk; Ang Banal na Aklat ng mga Kumag; at The Next Great Tagalog Novel. Siya ay isang guro ng Panitikang Pilipino at Fiction Writing sa Ateneo de Manila University.

Reading helps us keep in touch with other people and their stories. We hope this coming episode will widen our selection of readings, and by extension, open our eyes to the many different struggles happening outside our homes. Ultimately, we hope they will help us find answers to the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. See you on the 24th!