The Valenzuela Arts and Literary Society is inviting all writers, artists, and creators to be a part of our upcoming project: a Digital/Hypertext Garden of Experimental Works.

Living in/through technology, isolation, and fascism, the aim of this project is to create and collate works that re-construct the social, political, and economic reality we now find ourselves in under COVID-19. We are experimental by necessity, because there is no more normal or standard to return to.

We are accepting both media-specific and multi-media works, in any/no medium or language, which can be submitted as a .pdf, .docx , .png, .jpg, .mp4, .wmv, or a hyperlink. All works may be sent to Please follow the subject line format: [mode/genre/form/category] [Title] [Author’s Chosen Name]
(example: [Video Essay][Pag-Explore ng Sulok-sulok ng Bahay][Jed Garcia]).
Please also include a description of the project/intention of your work and a brief bionote. We are accepting works until November 7, 2020.

Works may come in forms that subvert or interrogate how we write, create, read, or consume – especially in a time when most are forced to work and live through technology and internet spaces. On one hand, we can question the sustainability, freedom, and equitability of such spaces, especially in terms of livelihood, education, and information. On the other hand, we can also talk about the potential and opportunities afforded by the sudden move to have a mostly, if not wholly, cyborg-like existence.

With life under quarantine and social distancing, how do we now consider art and literature when our social reality has become isolated from one another? How do we connect? How do we communicate? What are the losses and gains of an uncertain future of being physically (psychologically, emotionally, politically) distant from life as we knew it?
Underlying these aspects of our reality is our national government’s consistent mishandling and corrupt opportunism in its COVID-19 response. From VIP Testing to police brutality, the government is doing everything but helping and providing for our citizens. What is creation if not a political act?

This project is an experiment in and of itself, vaguely shaping out as something between a journal, some sort of publication, and an archive. You can read more on “Digital/Hyperlink Gardens” here:…/digital-gardens-let…/ and here: