Boac, Marinduque – For the first time ever in its history, Marinduque State College Marching Band brought musical instruments to life. With the Office of MSC’s Culture and Arts headed by Dr. Randy T. Nobleza providing the venue and supervision, the “pioneers” eagerly unwrapped their shiny new instruments and played a few bars under the baton of Mr Allan Robert Mascareñas who also arranged a few selected pieces.

Starting a Marching Band during these trying times, according to the MSCCA Marching Band trainer, they can only perform in voice and video recordings due to health and safety protocols. With this way of performing, the band can still play and be heard properly by video recording and audio editing.

Just the same, the MSCCA Marching band can practice with limited face to face with each section at a time observing health and safety protocols. “With this type of practice schedule, every member of the marching band can attend and learn all the pieces that are required for them to rehearse,” the MSCCA Marching band leader explained.

The MSCCA Marching band consists of players who utilize wind and percussion instruments while marching. This ensemble use instrument such as wood winds, brasses and drums. The band leader is the counterpart of the conductor during and while performing. The MSCCA Marching Band has available instruments: flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, trumpets in Bb, French horns, trombones, euphonium/ baritone horn, sousaphone, cymbals, snare drums, toms, tenor drums and bass drums.

Photo credit: MSC Office of Media and International Affairs/ Sir Ramoncito Mandia