by M.A. Del Rosario This is a story about the last goddess and her request to the only mortal to […]
by M.A. Del Rosario This is a social allegory, about how we ignore the state of the places we live […]
ni Gerald Galindez An entry to the 2nd SOX (SOCSKSARGEN) Zine fest in 2018. A collection of poetry in English […]
by Miguel Llona Find Me is the result of a collaboration I had with Bettina Silverio, a talented and up-and-coming […]
by Eden Trinidad A collection of selected poems of mine and the poem’s contributions of my close foreign poet’s friends […]
by Eden Trinidad This book contains the primary poem collections of Eden Soriano Trinidad which are translated in Telugu an […]
by Rodrigo Dela Peña, Jr. In the wake of a father’s death, how does one grapple with loss? Rodrigo Dela […]
by Jaime Dasca Doble “In Order of the Poets, Jaime Dasca Doble enriches Filipino poetry with a fine sensibility coupled […]
by Carl Cervantes HANDBOOK FOR PRETENTIOUS INTELLECTUALS is exactly what it sounds like. It is a satirical zine for people […]