FWGP’s Ime Morales talks about tips and secrets for freelance writers

Today, everyone has become a writer. With the world market becoming more open to cheap labor from countries like the Philippines, more people have started to write for money. This leads to short-term income opportunities for more writers, but in the long run, it could bring about serious economic problems for Filipinos who write for […]

FWGP hosts workshop series for creatives

Freelancing means paying your own taxes, registering your “business”, ordering receipts, keeping accounting books, investing your money, and other grown-up, real world tasks. Honestly, do you know these things already? If you do, congratulations. For those who are still groping in the dark, here is your chance to learn all of these things (and more) […]

FWGP and NBDB host TAXTalks, a discussion on taxes for writers

On March 3, 2014, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) issued RR 4-2014 or the “Guidelines and Policies for the Monitoring of Service Fees of Professionals.” In it self-employed professionals are now being asked to issue official receipts and to register their books and receipts annually, among other requirements. This new regulation has been met […]

FWGP Openbook event tackles the truth and lies of nonfiction writing

Truth? Writing about yourself and your opinions can be harder than making up stuff. Three non-fictionists talk about the agony, the ecstasy, and the various techniques that go into writing under that big umbrella the english 202 peeps natter about as Creative Non-Fiction (or CNF). Food critic, travel writer, and doyenne of Pinoy horror Yvette Tan, […]

Can one make a living as a freelance writer in the Philippines? by Ime Morales

Can one make a living as a freelance writer in the Philippines? Parents have often said that if we want to strike it rich, don’t be a writer. In reply, their idealistic children would then rattle off names like JK Rowling, Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer, and other high-profile names to defend their choice. After college, […]

How to Get Published in Newspapers and Magazines workshop to be hosted by FWGP

FWGP invites you to participate in their latest workshop: How to Get Published in Newspapers and Magazines, facilitated by mother-and-son team Susan Claire Agbayani and Gideon Isidro. Would you like to add “writer” to your designation? Do you believe you have what it takes to be a writer but don’t know how to have your work published? Learn […]