LGBT+ Anthologies

Signal 8 Press will be publishing a two-volume anthology series of LGBT+-themed writing from the Asia-Pacific region in late 2018. There will be one volume of original short fiction, and one of nonfiction. Some reprinted work may also be included. The authors themselves should either be residents (current or former) of the Asia Pacific region. Asian or Pacific Islander ethnicity is not a requirement for consideration, but it’s a plus. Expats are welcome to contribute, as one of the goals of this series is to provide a snapshot of LGBT+ life in the region. However, it is not expected that this will be an expat-dominated project. The same goes for writers from the Asian diaspora: if you’re interested in contributing, please query. As far as straight allies are concerned, we appreciate them very much but for this project, LGBT+ identity is essential for consideration. For the fiction and nonfiction books, we are looking for stories from roughly 2000 – 6000 words. Although a certain erotic element may be germane to the tale, we are not looking for stories of sexual conquest or sexpat memoirs. Neither book will carry images.

City of San Fernando holds LGBT Pride Month

The City of San Fernando, Pampanga through its Gender and Development Office, will be holding several meaningful and uplifting activities in line with June LGBT Month.  This will be the first time that we are celebrating June Pride with our theme: “Pagpapahalaga sa Kasarian, Tungo sa Pagkakaisa ng Sambayanan.”

The ultimate objectives of our activities are: to uplift the image of the LGBTs, to make it known that they are models of excellence who have positive contribution to society, and to come up with a city resolution to stop discrimination.

Attached are the mechanics for the various contests in the event.