Call for Submissions: Bulawan Literary Journal of Northern Mindanao

The Bulawan Literary Journal of Northern Mindanao is now open for contributions to its fifth issue themed “Departures & Destinations.” The journal editors are looking for poems, short stories, flash fiction, micro-essays, creative nonfiction, one-act plays, short screenplays, excerpts from full-length plays/screenplays, novel chapters, critical essays, book/film/play reviews, and visual artworks that discuss and problematize:

1. depictions on the various modes of transportation and travelling in literature (may include but not limited to outcomes of the jeepney phase-out, the plight of the commuters, and a critique on the transportation system);
2. “othered” spaces such as landscape/seascape/skyscape, (material/spiritual) culture, languages, heritage, and geopolitics;
3. issues of migration, immigration, diaspora, and displacement (may include but not limited to Lumad and Moro peoples’ displacement due to militarization and development aggression);
4. intersections of ethnicity, socioeconomic class, physical/mental (dis)ability, and gender identity in transport and travelling; and
5. relevant topics such as flanerie and the tourist-as-dilettante.

Contributions from (1) those who are born and/or based in Northern Mindanao and (2) those who are residing in the country (outside Northern Mindanao) or in diaspora whose works are about, set in, or relevant to the region are welcome.

Submissions should be original and previously unpublished works in Binisaya, (Tagalog-based) Filipino, and English, or a combination of these three languages. Literary works in Higaonon and Meranaw languages are welcome and should be accompanied with a translation to any of the previously mentioned languages.

Interested writers may send in:

1. Poetry: 2 to 3 poems (written for the page or for performance);
2. Fiction: 1 short story (1500 to 3000 words), 1 chapter from a novel (2000 to 5000 words) with a synopsis, or 2 works of flash fiction (500 to 1500 words each);
3. Creative Nonfiction and Literary Essay: 1 creative nonfiction (1500 to 3000 words) such as nonfiction memoir, personal essay, travel writing, lyric essay, literary journalism, or other hybridized forms, or 2 works of flash nonfiction/micro-essays (500 to 1500 words each);
4. Drama: 1 one-act play, 1 short screenplay, or an excerpt from a full-length play or screenplay (up to 30 pages).

Theme-related critical essays (2000 to 5000 words) on Mindanao literature and Mindanao Studies, and reviews (1000 to 2500 words) of books, plays, and films by Mindanaoan writers and filmmakers are also welcome. Visual artworks such as paintings, illustrations, graphic design, digital photography, and typography may also be submitted.

Send manuscripts (font size 12 Times New Roman in MS Word format) and visual artworks (JPEG/PNG format) as email attachment to together with a curriculum vitae and a cover letter indicating the author’s full name, mobile number, and short bionote (200 to 250 words). Submissions that do not follow the prescribed format will not be considered.

This issue attempts to shed light on today’s contemporary literary productions whose voices are stemmed from multicultural origins and influences due to the archipelagic circumstances of the country. As the journal’s thrust is to veer away from the framework of the “national” and semblances of centralized institutions which marginalize literary productions from the “regions,” the fifth issue is a space for such works.

Deadline of submissions is 25 September 2018, 11:59 PM.

Letters of acceptance and rejection will be sent weeks after the deadline. Contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the issue and will retain the copyright of their works.

Issue 5: “Departures & Destinations” will be launched on December 2018.

To order copies of Issue 3: “Sendong” and Issue 4: “Mental Disorders,” email the publisher at

The Bulawan Literary Journal of Northern Mindanao is the flagship publication of writers collective Nagkahiusang Magsusulat sa Cagayan de Oro (NAGMAC) and is published under NAGMAC’s indie press Bulawan Books.

Call for Submissions for Bulawan Literary Zine of Northern Mindanao Issue 03: ‘Sendong’

Bulawan Literary Zine of Northern Mindanao is now open for contributions to its special issue themed ‘Sendong’. Bulawan is looking for poems, short stories, literary essays/creative nonfiction, one-act plays, flash narratives, critical essays, visual artworks, and book reviews that discuss, in particular, Typhoon Sendong in December 2011 and, in general, the Northern Mindanaoan experience of natural disasters, climate change, global warming, affinity to urban/rural places, and individualized experiences of the aftermath of disasters.

The impetus of this special issue is the treatment of Sendong as a muted narrative. Its aftermath, post-trauma, has fomented a host of creativities in the visual, performing, and literary arts demonstrating Mindanaoans’ tenacity despite the collective trauma. It is an important juncture to survey, collect, and appraise these works in (Northern) Mindanao’s contemporary creative history, largely unwritten about, as the destruction/renewal thematic showed itself so much more strongly in our local literatures shortly after the typhoon.

The publication seeks contributions from emerging and established writers who (1) are born and/or based in Northern Mindanao and/or (2) are Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines (outside Northern Mindanao) or abroad whose works are about or related to the region.

Submissions should be original and previously unpublished literary works in Binisaya, Tagalog, English, or a combination of these three languages. Submit best works in either of the following: 1 to 3 poems (not more than 60 lines each); 1 one-act play (15 pages); 1 flash narrative (500-1,500 words); 1 short story (3,500-5000 words); or 1 creative nonfiction/literary essay (3,500-5000 words). We are also looking for critical essays (3,500-5000 words in the MLA citation format) about Northern Mindanao literature and book reviews (1,000-2,500 words) of works by Northern Mindanaoan authors. Except for poetry, all prose submissions should be in font size 12 in Arial, Courier New, or Times New Roman, and must be in Microsoft word (.doc) format. We are also looking for works of visual art—paintings, illustrations, graphic design, digital photography, and typography—that will be considered for the cover art of the next issues. It should conform to the theme and it must be set in .jpeg file.

Send your manuscripts and artworks as email attachment to, together with a cover letter indicating your full name and contact information, as well as a 2-3 sentence bionote. The email must have this subject line: “Bulawan literary zine submission, genre/art, and title of literary/art work” (ex. Bulawan literary zine submission, Flash Narrative, Bayo ni Dodong). For poetry submissions, choose one title for the subject line, while the document to be attached in the email must contain at least three (3) poems. Email sent without this subject line will automatically be filtered as spam and marked unread. Letters of acceptance and rejections will be sent out weeks after the deadline. Deadline of submission is until 11:59 pm of 30 September 2017. Issue 3 will be launched on December 2017.

Inquiries may be addressed to NAGMAC’s official email


General Editor: EJ Betita Villena

Editor for Essay & Creative Nonfiction: Alton Melvar Dapanas

Editor for Poetry: Ton Daposala

Editor for Fiction: Abigail C James

Editor for Drama: Mai Santillan

Associate Editor for Essay & Creative Nonfiction: Ma Karlene Shawn Cabaraban

Associate Editor for Poetry: Stephanie Alexie Gonzaga

Associate Editor for Fiction: Gari R Jamero

Associate Editor for Drama: Dennis B Flores

Consultant: Zola Gonzalez-Macarambon

CCP to launch Ani 39 literary journal

City of Pasay, Metro Manila – More than a hundred literary works are featured in the 39th issue of the official literary journal of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Ani 39 themed “Kahayupan/The Animal Kingdom” covering the period of 2015 – 2016 will be launched on September 23, 2016 at the CCP Silangan Hall at 5 p.m. The Intertextual Division, formerly known as Literary Arts Division, produced Ani 39 as part of the celebration of CCP’s 47th anniversary which will start in September.

The Children’s Literature section titled “Mga Akdang Pambata” is expanded, in line with CCP’s thrust this year of making the cultural institution more open to families. Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan, guest section editor of ANI 39, was able to gather works by the best writers for children.
Intertextual Division head and Ani 39 editor-in-chief Herminio S. Beltran, Jr. explained that in this issue, “Some writers use animals in Philippine mythology or folk forms to comment on contemporary life.” He also noted that “Others draw parallels between human relationships and relating with animals, particularly pets. Such reflections inevitably shed light on the human condition. The theme led some writers to take a second look on their community’s folklore and social life. Still, others engaged in the creative activity to examine how humans treat so-called non-humans as well as test the limits of human language and understanding to interpret reality from the point of view of animals.”

The literary works are in Filipino, Ilokano, Akeanon, Bikol, Bikol-Naga, Chavacano, Kinaray-a, and English. The featured writers are: Jose Marte A. Abueg, Jim Pascual Agustin, Vijae O. Alquisola, Jenalyn J. Aman, Mark Angeles, Rebecca T. Añonuevo, Genevieve Mae Aquino, Mark Joseph Z. Arisgado, Mark Anthony B. Austria, Elbert O. Baeta, Gil S. Beltran, Herminio S. Beltran, Jr., April Mae M. Berza, Julius D. Bulahan, Anabelle Calleja, Ernesto Carandang, F. Jordan Carnice, Dexter Cayanes, Jose Jason L. Chancoco, Melchor F. Cichon, Jasmine Cruz, M. Protacio de Guzman, Rodrigo dela Peña, Jr., Francis Gallano Delgado, Charlie Anne I. Espiritu, Martin G. Genodepa, Joel Donato Jacob, Sabina Marites Lañada, Marra PL. Lanot, Ireneo Lit, Jr., Nestor L. Lucena, Francis C. Macansantos, Priscilla Supnet-Macansantos, Shur C. Mangilaya, Noahlyn Maranan, Vim Nadera, Ben D. Nillo, Richard P. Nollen, Allan Lenard Ocampo, Aldrin Pentero, Padmapani L. Perez, Honesto M. Pesimo, Jr., Allan Popa, Frank Rivera, Glen A. Sales, Louie Jon A. Sanchez, E. San Juan, Jr., John Patrick Solano, Ariel Tabag, John Iremil Teodoro, Glenn Ford B. Tolentino, Oswald A. Valente, Hope Sabanpan-Yu, Jeffrey R. Ancheta, Ma. Rita Aranda, Emmanuel T. Barrameda, Ludwig Jan Batuigas, Janet Batuigas, Lorna A. Billones, Rina Garcia Chua, Joey Chua, Efren J. Domingo, U Z. Eliserio, Susan Lara, Andrian Legaspi, Perry Mangilaya, Eilyn L. Nidea, Ian Kenneth L. Orasa, Wilhelmina Orozco, Chuckberry J. Pascual, Ma. Angelica Edralyn E. Tuason, Raul Esquillo Asis, Ana Maria Cuevas-Oliveros, Eugene Y. Evasco, Shur C. Mangilaya, Marilyn Marquez Mercado, Jasmin Tresvalles, Adelle Villarey, Christine S. Bellen, Emerson Bengco, Joshene Bersales, Grace D. Chong, Francis Gallano Delgado, Zarah C. Gagatiga, Luis P. Gatmaitan, Ferdinand Pisigan Jarin, Christine F. Godinez Ortega, Carla M. Pacis, Rosalee S. Pagnamitan, Flordeliz Salanga, and Herbel Santiago. Rosvie Corcuera is the managing editor and launch coordinator and Rommel Manto is the layout artist and designer of the publication.

During the launch, ANI 39 will be sold at a discounted rate.

The Intertextual Division led by Herminio Beltran, Jr. is comprised of Beverly Siy, senior culture and arts officer; Jasmin Tresvalles, culture and arts officer; and Nestor Lucena, clerk.

For updates on Ani 39: Kahayupan/The Animal Kingdom, like us on Facebook: CCP Intertextual Division Programs; follow us on Twitter: ccpintertextual (ccpintertextual) on Twitter and on tumblr:; or email