Mapua Tekno Teatro presents “Hans Christian Andersen must be a Filipino”

What happens when your known fairy tale characters set themselves free from their fairy tale lives and interact with the marginalized community in the Philippines. How would the creator of those characters react to the rewriting or their stories?  Mapua Tekno Teatro, on its 15th season, presents:  “Hans Christian Andersen must be a Filipino”  written […]

Mapúa Tekno Teatro stages DRAMAFEST 8

Mapúa Tekno Teatro, the official performing group for theatre of the Mapua Institute of Technology, will be having its DRAMAFEST 8, a play festival consists of three different plays originally written and directed by the members of the group, for the school year 2014-2015, 4th term on June 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2015, to […]

Mapúa Tekno Teatro presents Heads or Tails

In celebration of the Mapúa’s 90th Founding Anniversary, Mapúa Tekno Teatro presents the best play of Dramafest 7:Identity
written by Julio Garcia and directed by Aljohn Casil

In a bar and restaurant, two friends met to have fun, to share laughter, to unwind from the stress of reality and to play a dare game. But when the challenges got a little out of hand, will you play along and dare to take the risks? One thing is for sure, even with a flip of a coin… anything can happen.

Mapua Tekno Teatro presents Agnoia

On the 14th season: Spectrum | How colorful can hue be? of Mapua Tekno Teatro, we are inviting you on our major production, “AGNOIA” A winner of Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award Based on ‘Horoscope’ of Eli Ruel Guieb III written by Liza Magtoto  directed by Kiki Baento on November 18, 19, 20 and 21 […]

Mapua Tekno Teatro presents 14th season


Watch out for these dates!

November 10 – 14 at the North Circle : THE SPECTRUM EXHIBIT
November 18 – 21 at the Seminar Room: LIZA MAGTOTO’S AGNOIA

Mapua Tekno Teatro presents DRAMAFEST 7: IDENTITY

Mapua Tekno Teatro presents DRAMAFEST 7: IDENTITY, a lineup of plays: “The Void’s not Empty” written by Isobelle Villablanca directed by Jovy C. Vieja “Judge Me” written by Kiki Baento directed by Rachelle Gimpes “Heads or Tails” written by Julio Garcia directed by Aljohn Casil on June 4 at AVR1, Mapua Makati 12nn, 1:30pm & 3:00pm and on June 5, 6 […]

Mapua Tekno Teatro to restage “BRO”

Mapua Tekno Teatro will restage its Dramafest 6’s BEST PLAY entitled “BRO.”  Written by Lorenzo Miguel Lorenso Miguel Laviña Directed by Jovy C. Vieja It will be on January 24 Mapua Makati’s AVR2 10:30am, 1:30pm and 3:00pm January 24 Mapua Intramuros’ Seminar room 10:30am, 1:30pm and 3:00pm PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN basis! SEE YOU THERE MAPUANS! Please contact Anton […]