The Matrix

by Arvin Mangohig


There is a legend that says God is dreaming our lives
for us. Think of it: at least six billion human dreams
spinning in His head right now; six billion asleep
in His dream of their life. Whosoever He forgets will fall

Down a hole in the ground, off the edge of the earth
in the same way a dream ends, abruptly, no true ending.
Wherever you are right now, reading this magazine,
in the bathroom staring at a dreamed mirror, in the car

Watching dreamed grey rain, He might forget to dream you.
But what God does not know is: I am awake. Something
in me awoke and I awoke too. I will walk out of the room
He has dreamed me into. I will walk out of His life for me

And I will find you. I will stop the nightmare of your life.
I will step into the life in which you lie sleeping too.
Are you awake? Are you ready? Good. Take my hand.
Together we will walk out of the real into our true lives.

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