Jun Robles Lana’s upcoming film “Barber’s Tales”, a 1997 Palanca award winning screenplay that has been selected for the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum this year is now opening casting calls. 
Set in a remote province at the onset of Martial law in the early 1970s, the story revolves around the free-spirited and newly widowed Marilou who inherits their town’s only barbershop from her husband – a business that has been passed down by generations of men in her husband’s family. 

Having no other means to support herself, she musters the courage to run the barbershop, a traditionally male trade. However, despite the skills she gained from years of observation and being an assistant to her husband, as a female barber she fails to attract any customers. 

Nevertheless, things take an unexpected turn when Marilou gains the trust of other women in her community… 


Marilou- mid-30s to early 40s, a widow struggling to find acceptance in a male-dominated small town; vulnerable with unassuming sexuality


Cecillia- mids 30s to early 40s, beautiful but unstable mayor’s wife; delicate, sensitive

Tessie- mid 30s to early 40s, a spinster who devoted her life to raising her nephew; stern but compassionate

Susan- mid 30s to early 40s, Marilou’s best friend, funny, very amenable and family oriented

Rosa- 20s, small town prostitute; loud, bossy and rough

Edmond- 18-20 (male), country raised and city educated, naïve and idealistic

DATE: March 1, 2013 (Friday) 
VENUE: Emperor 2 Function Room
Imperial Palace Suites, Timog cor Tomas Morato QC

For inquiries: email [email protected]