At First Sight

“She was coaxing her 2-year-old twin sons to look at one another because, finally, they can….Carl and Clarence had been joined at the top of their heads until they were separated last week in a 17-hour operation.” —Philippine Daily Inquirer Like you, I wake up hungry for good news with my coffee. (This for the […]


My friend shows me his diagram, the aftermath of an incident that had occurred this morning, minutes before he chanced upon the scene. These rectangles are blockades police set up. Past them, a point where a man cradled a boy with bloody legs. This square is the taxi with its driver’s door smashed. Between the […]


“We shall be known by the delicacy of where we stop short.” —Robert Frost Forgive me if I haven’t been honest enough. The proof’s in the poems, those corner cobwebs snapping under the shifting of my mind, my tongue. They will not bear the weight of some truths, dark and lovely. Could I have led […]

Passover Days

by Jose Marte Abueg   And He said, “Go into the city to a certain man, and say to him, ‘The Teacher says, My time is near …’” – Matthew 26:18 I. When Grandmother said, I cannot hear the twilight anymore, Father thought to move her to the large upper room. Wide walls, two small […]

The man carrying a jar

by Jose Marte Abueg   And he sent two of his disciples, and said to them, “Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you; follow him, and wherever he enters, say to the householder, `The Teacher says….’” – Mark 14:13-14 The wells look alike around Jerusalem , it […]

Death in the Afternoon

by Jose Marte Abueg   Mid-afternoon, a half-moon appears In the east. It was on a Friday, this hour. A lance below the heart confirmed the end Of the man who declared, I am the light . . . They all suddenly stopped moving, The olive leaves. Around the thorn trees The coarse winds have […]

Weep, Simon

by Jose Marte Abueg You know it happened not because He predicted it and so things moved quickly across infinity to be dead at three o’clock. It was because you sank, likely entangled in the cat-o’-nine-tails in your head, and the thorn wreath, the cross, and the boat nails — were you petrified, Simon, that […]

Abueg, Jose Marte

Jose Marte A. Abueg, a longtime editor and writer, has had no formal training in writing poetry except for an elective he took before graduating from the University of the Philippines School of Economics. For many years he could not even read poetry. In 2001, wanting “to be a better man,” he found himself reading […]

The Matrix

by Arvin Mangohig   There is a legend that says God is dreaming our lives for us. Think of it: at least six billion human dreams spinning in His head right now; six billion asleep in His dream of their life. Whosoever He forgets will fall Down a hole in the ground, off the edge […]

Mangohig, Arvin Abejo

Arvin Abejo Mangohig is the author of The Gaze: Poems, published by the UP Press. He is currently the president of the UP Writers Club and a doctorate student at the UP Diliman with a Presidential Scholarship grant. He has won Philippines Free Press and NVM Gonzalez awards for his poetry and fiction. Mangohig is the […]