Parasurat Bikolnon Inc. invites all Bicolanos in the planet to join the TigsTXT contest for the months of February and March 2013. Now on the fourth and final month, TigsTXT aims to revive and to pass the unique Bikolano tradition to the new generation. The theme for the month of March is “katungdan kan babai sa pamilya asin komunidad” (today’s role of women). Submission period is March 11–15 (Philippine Standard Time), respectively.

Awarding of the TigsTXT winners for the previous months were held at the Banggi Nin Mga Parasurat (Writer’s Night) last February 24 during the month-long celebration of Bikol Arts Festival.

Asther Villareal, 17, from Naga City won TigsTXT of the Month last December for her toast about children carolers who stay up late in the streets just to ask money for dinner. Theme was “karahayan asin naturalesa kan mga aki na dai pa nin pagkaaram sa kinàban” (children’s innocence).

“Tigsik ko an mga kaakian/ Na siging pasadpasad sa dalan/ Ta sa pagkarol nababanggihan/ Magkaigwa lang nin pamanggihan//”

For the month of January, the entry of Imelda Brazal, 23, Naga City on Filipino ritual observed before throwing something in respect of unseen beings was chosen TigsTXT of the Month. The theme was “gawì-gawì asin ugalì sa pagpopoon dapit sa ano man na gibo-gibo o sa buhay” (rituals and routines).

“Tigsik ko an tabì apò/ Sambit ngùna bàgo igapô/ An ano man, pisog o tipô/ Nganing taong lipod dai maigò//”

Nestor Awa, 51, of Iriga City bested entries for the month of February with theme “tibay asin talento kan Bikolnon sa lado kan Arte” (pride of Bicolnon artists). He gave witty remark on the versatility of movie actor and fellow Iriganon. 

“Tigsik ko si Rez Cortez/ Irigenyong aktor sa syowbis/ Kayang mangotis, kayang magpakotis/ Pwede dawa magsopong sa tapis//” 

Entries must be in any Bikol languages, the message should be clear, within the theme, and witty. As for the format, the tigsik must have two to four lines, each line does not exceed 12 syllables and has rhyme.

Send the entries to 0916-5041137 or 0919-9874897 with the name, age and location of the participant. Ten (10) best entries will be published in Bicol Mail weekly newspaper. TigsTXT of the Month will receive Php1,000 cash prize courtesy of the City Government of Naga and other prizes from Parasurat Bikolnon Inc.