Paper Monster Press Presents I, Icarus (its 9th issue to date). I, Icarus is an exploration of flight, levitation, and the almost surreal human and animal need for freedom. More than a nod to the brash, young boy who flew too near the sun and gained immortality through a shortcut reserved to a select few, I, Icarus is also about defiance, the need for space, and the flair that allows people to win despite the odds, or maybe, to win because of the odds. 

Paper Monster Press is a transgenre art zine inspired by the sound sculptures of Lirio Salvador (founder of Elemento, and before that Intermidya), the great jazz rhythms of the Beat poets, and the time-honored tradition of hawking pamphlets on the street. Paper Monster Press publishes a music CD with the art zine, the music being a form that overlaps and intersects the poetry and art, thus making the whole project, a transgenre (or inter-media) foray. 

To date, Paper Monster Press has published more than a hundred poets, artists, and bands. It aims to discover new techniques, new forms, and never-before-known combinations that strike true to the beats of abstract expressionism: chance, improvisation, and accidental forms. Paper Monster Press has been reviewed by and The Philippine Online Chronicles.

DISCOGRAPHY: (Issue 1- Pyrotechnic Poetry 1. Issue 2- Pyrotechnic Poetry 2. MUSIC YEAR: Issue 3: S/trip-Hop. Issue 4: Dream(pop). Issue 5: Queer Punk. Issue 6: SANDIGmaan. FOLKLORE YEAR. Issue 7: ASUANG. Issue 8: Firestarter! Issue 9: I, Icarus)

Submit to I, Icarus

1. 1-3 poems or any other form of word art you choose. 500 words or less. NO attachments por fabor!
2. 1-3 artworks in JPEG format
3. 1-3 sound pieces in MP3 or WAV format. 

Submit to [email protected] Also like us on facebook: Deadline extended to March 31.