Born in Carcar on May 18, 1909, Diosdado Alesna studied at the Carcar Institute, Cebu Provincial High School, University of the Visayas. He taught in the public schools; served in other civil positions and retired in 1972 as administrative officer of the Cebu District Engineer’s Office. He started writing in 1920. Alesna created the verse form, siniloy. His best poems are “Ang Gahum sa Awit,” “Kalimti ug Biyai,” and “Si Kristo sa Balabag,” all LUDABI prize winners. He was honored in 1966 as LUDABI’s Most Outstanding Poet for the last ten years. His many pen names are: Diody Mangloy, Tancredo Rigor, Reynaldo Lap. Buntia, Melendres La Roca and Flordeliz Makaluluoy.