Weeks before the start of classes, parents make sure that their kids are ready for school. Conscientious parents have a BTS checklist: from tuition fees to uniforms, shoes, bags and school supplies, making sure that no important detail is overlooked.
Most parents know that preparing a child for school is more than completing the checklist for supplies. Children of all grade levels need to be psychologically and emotionally prepared for the rigors of the academe. Children need to develop a positive attitude toward learning and studying so that the tutoring time (by the parents, no less) becomes manageable and harmonious.
Psychologist and award-winning teacher and author Queena Lee-Chua’s classic titles on child development entitled Helping Our Children Do Well in School, Eureka!, Homework and Learning provide strategies and best practices on how to develop a student’s study habits and comprehension skills.
For Queena, the most important pointers she can give parents are the following:
  1. Create a conducive environment for study.
  2. Encourage love for reading and judicious multimedia use.
  3. Discipline with love.
  4. Set personal, academic and life goals.
The books also discuss other parenting essentials that encourage the child’s love for learning. Knowing that each child is unique and has his/her own qualities, Chua guides parents on how to discover inherent gifts and talents of children that need to be honed to boost their self-confidence .
A daily challenge for home makers is thinking of what to cook for their children’s’ “baon”. Convenience is a key factor and so is nutrition; so that the meal  will provide the daily nutritional needs for a growing and active child. Pack-along Snacks & Baon by The Maya Kitchen solves this problem. In this book are easy-to-prepare recipes like Orange Fish Teriyaki and Chicken Cordon Bleu, Fruity Chicken Sandwich and Sandwich Steak Chasseur; meat pies like Crusted Beef Burgers and Bacon and Mushroom Quiche; home-style crunches like Banana Crackers and Cheesy Oven Fries; plus yummy desserts like Banana Streusel Cake and Pineapple Boat Tarts, among others. The book provides valuable tips on how to keep the meal fresh and intact hours after they are prepared.