Alice M. Sun-Cua will be launching her second book of travel essays, “Autumn in Madrid and Other Travel Tales” (UST Publishing House, 2013), on June 8, 2013, 6 p.m. at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4, Makati.

“Autumn in Madrid” chronicles her “journeys in Spain as well as the passage of the seasons.” Sun-Cua did not intend this book to be a travelogue or guidebook, but as a contemplative account of her travel experiences. She writes like a pilgrim-poet who openly ruminates on the varied implications of travelling, from the quotidian to the more philosophical.

Renowned poet Marjorie Evasco writes in her introduction: “What makes us marvel is the way Alice Sun-Cua retrieves for us, not the merely adventurous or challenging, but more importantly the quiet, indelible moments when authentic, albeit oftentimes passing, human contact in friendship and compassion is achieved and celebrated… her essays go the extra mile, bringing to us the specific and particular through her stories composed of memorable places and people.”

Sun-Cua’s previous works include “Riding Towards the Sunrise,” which won the National Book Award for Travel in 2000; “Charted Prophesies and Other Poems” (2001); and two collections with the ALON collective, of which she is a founding member: “What the Water Said” (2004) and “Watershed” (2009). She is also an obstetrician-gynecologist currently affiliated with the San Juan de Dios Hospital, and lives in Manila with her husband Alex.